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What we do:  At Prima Cemetery Services, we understand your needs are important as well as your resources. We sell cemetery burial plots, Crypts, Niches and granite memorial markers / headstones at a much lower cost than local cemeteries in San Diego. We specialize in selling cemetery burial plots at El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley and can help you sell your un-need cemetery burial property.

To better serve your needs we also offer all aspect of pre-planning options such as Traditional funerals, Visitation followed by cremations, Basic Cremations and International Ship outs. We work with a network of family independent owned funeral homes as well as with some leading major mortuaries in all of San Diego.
We have property at most of the major cemeteries in San Diego and can save your family 20-40% off the cemetery prices that can be thousands of dollars in savings to you and your family. (NOT Servicing Greenwood memorial only for pre-planning)

How Can We Do This: In many cases people that own burial spaces have moved away or have made other plans. Cemeteries generally will not buy these spaces back, this often results in people wanting to sell their burial property at a lower cost than the cemetery.

Whether you are thinking about pre-planning for yourself, a family member or have had a death in the family, we are here to help you. Our main goal is to provide you with what you need the most, savings and personal care.

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We also offer memorial headstones and Funeral / cremation arrangements ahead of need.
Serving most Cemeteries in San Diego, El Camino Memorial, Eternal Hills, Glen Abbey, La Vista  
We also offer PRE_NEED plans ahead of need with Greenwood Cemetery and Mortuary.

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We sell cemetery burial plots, crypts and niches at most of the local cemeteries  in  San Diego.  Our affordable burial plots for sale can save your family from 20-40% compared to the local cemeteries and we specialize in El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego. We Also sell affordable memorial headstones and markers at prices lower than the cemeteries and  can list your un-needed cemetery property for sell. 

Cemetery Broker License CEB1303 / Funeral pre-planning specialist 0H09796